Videos and DVDs

The videos and DVDs  are  organized in five categories that relate to the themes explored in the Remple DVD:

Hope and Resiliency
Children of Immigrants
Ellis Island
Russia and Ukraine

Hope and Resiliency    back to top

Tell ‘em How You Feel. Drama teaching young children the importance about talking about their feelings in calm discussions, how to use good listening skills as first steps to resolving personal conflicts. 18-minute video, Teacher’s guide included, produced by J. Gary Mitchell for MTI. Grades K to 4. 1986.

A Toy Is What You Make It. Most children in the world do not have access to the commercial marketplace. Children in Kenya, Peru, Sri Lanka and Turkey show tremendous creativity in their play; encourages Western children to look at discarded objects in new ways. 25-minute video produced by UNICEF. Grades 1-5. 1987.

Stop and Go Ahead with Success: An Integrated Approach to Helping Children Develop Social Skills. School setting, shows children interacting, being coached by their teachers, importance of reinforcing positive skills, providing appropriate feeback. 20-minute video produced by Teresa Alissa Citro, for adults. 1998.

Tough Times/Resilient Kids: The Documentary.
This award-winning documentary based on the work of Drs. Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein follows the lives of American families in an effort to discover the sources of problems facing today's youth. It dentifies why some thrive while many others continue to struggle. 58-minute video for adults. 2003.

Children of Immigrants    back to top

These references are of particular value to those working with children who may be new immigrants themselves, or who come from families which may not speak English fluently and may need special guidance or attention.

War Is Not a Game: Experiences of Refugee Children. Outlines practical steps for staff and volunteers working with refugee children in a variety of contexts. 32 minute video, study guide included, produced by Frameline Productions. 1995.

Ellis Island    back to top

These references are of universal interest, as well as of particular note to those who have themselves passed through this center.

Ellis Island with Mandy Patinkin
For some it was the Isle of Hope. For others, it was the Isle of Tears. For half a century, Ellis Island was America's "Golden Door." Entrance meant a new life, freedom and opportunity. Rejection meant a heartbreaking return to hopelessness. Features first-hand accounts and oral interviews from scores of people who came through Ellis Island, views areas off-limits to the public and introduces how to access vast archives. Mandy Patinkin hosts this comprehensive look at America's famous gateway. 150 minutes.

The Ellis Island Experience by History Channel

If Your Name Was Changed At Ellis Island by Ellen Levine

Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom by Stephen Wilkes

The Orphan of Ellis Island by Elvira Woodruff

Russia and Ukraine   back to top

These references provide the historic background to Henry D. Remple’s story and the personal stories of many others.

History of Russia: The 19th century
History of Russia: The 20th century
Multimedia courses include videos and a multimedia guide including documental photos, art reproductions, fragments from historical movies and plays, historic film footage and music.  Regularly updated.

Russian Ark, Sergei Dreiden, 2002
Starring Anna Aleksakhina, Konstantin Anisimov.  Encompasses a wealth of Russian history and art history

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Mennonite   back to top

These references help explain the worldview of many contemporary Mennonites who have grown up with generations of family stories of persecution for idealistic viewpoints.

And When They Shall Ask. A docudrama about the Russian Mennonite sojourn in Russia from 1788 to the present. The film features re-enactments of historic evens, interviews with witnesses to these events, archival film footage, and culminates with scenes of Mennonite life in the former Soviet Union. 90-minute video. Produced by Dueck Films, 1983

Cloud of Witnesses. A set of 3 videos by Jerry L. Holsopple. Includes a leader’s guide. Presents the major themes of Anabaptism. Titles include “Rediscovering Anabaptism” “Facing the Powers,” and “Extending our Lives.” Connects stories of today's thriving Anabaptist communities around the world with stories of past faithful witnesses to Christ. Review at

The Radicals (Gateway Films)
Lives of two early martyrs. Michael and Margaretha Sattle, and how they helped to shape the Anabaptist movement.

Ukraine:  Country on the Edge.  The Mennonite Central Committee began when Mennonites in North America responded to Mennonites’ plight in Ukraine in the 1920s.  This video tells of MCC’s present-day work in Ukraine.  22-minute video, study guide included, produced by MCC.  Grades 10 to adults.  2001.

Henry D. Remple: Finding Hope in Troubled Times
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And When They Shall Ask
Find information about the award- winning docu-drama film on the history of the Russian Mennonites. The site also provides purchase information.